Ignas plays on:
2.4 shakuhachi made by mother nature and Monty Levenson,
udu made by Frank giorgini
riq&kanjira from Cooperman
David Roman framedrum
Turkish ney(mansur) made by Stephane Gallet
kalimba's made by Jimmy Fernandez
Dholak made by Soeresh Sewcharan
I got my bodhran from the great Junior Davey(made by Darius Bartlett)
Beautiful tombak made by David Radman in Paris

Zildjian ride(K-series),Istanbul splash and tamtam
schlagwerk percussion cajon la peru.

Then there are my instruments of which I don't know the makers,all with a character of their own(that's what I love about handcrafted instruments!).
I play several drums from Ghana: kpanlogo,atumpan(a small one),brekete,gomé,talking drum(dagomba).
Djembes from ivory coast; bugarabu set from senegal; a marrocan bendir;a north african darrabuka,egyptian ney,didgeridoo and the most versatile instrument of them all; the human voice!
I use the different characteristics of these instruments to create a sound bearing my signature(like the lyrebird) but with respect for their traditions.