In 1995 Ignas co founded the theatergroup Terra Incognita.
the group made three successful theaterproductions for children:
"de keizer van slag" 1995
"de laatste streek" 1996
"het lied van wijs" 1997
In these programs Ignas appeared both as a musician and an actor.
The group was totally self-sufficient and made all the music,scripts and decors themselves.
At the moment I'm working with storyteller/actor Marius Gosschalk in a new program called "stenen op de weg"

other theaterproductions Ignas appeared in:

"het spel" theater Zeebelt 2000
"buffuluh" jansen/oudshoorn/te wiel 2001
"nucontinu" theater Zeebelt 2003
"ragnarok" het lab utrecht 2006