Since the early nineties Ignas has been a part of different ensembles playing a wide variety of music styles.
He appeared amongst others in:
Assarab (marrocan gnoua music)
Ino(songs from latin america)
Natasza Kurek group (jazz/world fusion)
Buffuluh (percussion trio based on trance music from Ghana)
Loteq (acoustic dance project)
Yun (traditional chinese music)
the Ming principle: fusion of jazz and chinese music with Tjitze vogel(bass),Paul Weiling(sax),Fang Weiling(erhu),Tang Bei(sheng),Xia hua(pipa)and Güllendem Abbas(voc.)and Ignas te Wiel(perc.).
Live sets with Dj's/producers:Dj paul Lomax(Aus),Dj sin plomo(ibiza),Lenny Ibizarre(ibiza)

At the moment he is playing with:
Akasha : free improv.trio with Jeroen Manders(sax), Stef van Es(git)and Ignas te Wiel(perc.,voc)
de Hemelbestormers: group that fuses jazz with world and meditative atmospheres with Rembrandt Frerichs(pi.),Tjitze vogel(bass)and Ignas te Wiel(perc.,voc.,shakuhachi)
THEO : short for the Hague Ethospheric Orchestra an international Jazz ensemble working with beautifull arrangements by Michal Vanoucek
Rrood: network of philosophers,artists and musicians